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Election 2021: Adam van Koeverden on the Liberal Party‘s Record in Government and Platform for the 905

Adam van Koeverden is seeking re-election in Milton for the Liberal Party. He joins us to discuss the Liberal platform and track record in government. Don‘t miss this episode as we challenge him on the government‘s record on climate change, electoral reform, First Nations reconciliation, the COVID recovery plan and much more in a wide-ranging conversation.

Keith Brooks Environmental Defence

Keith Brooks of Environmental Defence – Climate Change & the 2021 Election

Keith is Programs Director at Environmental Defence where he seeks to advocate for a cleaner environment and a greener economy. We do a deep dive into the current election, what the platforms need to say, and whether they‘re saying it, as Canadians pick a government that must set our path for 2030.

Thursday Roundup – Who‘s afraid of the 905er? Why won‘t CPC candidates speak about their platform?

Every CPC candidate in Canada is gagged—forbidden from talking to podcasts—or so we were told by a party operative. As some of the worst aspects of modern political campaigns dominated headlines and anti-vax PPC supporters threw stones, we searched in vain for a CPC candidate willing to take a free 30 minutes to talk about their platform in depth.

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Other News & Opinion

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Emily Brown CPC

Conservative Candidate’s Silence Leaves Vaccine Question Unanswered

At a pandemic election, vaccination status is a crucial question that tells us a lot about a candidate’s beliefs. Yet Emily Brown in Burlington and other CPC candidates appear not to want to admit whether they are vaccinated or not.

Ryerson Public School

So you want to defend Ryerson?

If you care more about the name of a school than the bodies of thousands … and yes it is thousands … of children who died alone, separated from their loved ones, their way of life, their language, malnourished, abused, alone and confused, then I truly despair.

Election volunteer

Fed up with politics? Volunteer.

There is no party like a victory party that actually happens after a victory. Especially if the previous one was in the 1940s.

But hardly any Canadians take an active role in local party politics beyond voting. Doing so leaves parties exposed to special interest groups, wealthy donors and the small number of unrepresentative people who come forward to pick leaders and choose party direction. Is it any wonder we don’t feel they reflect our priorities?

Image of Paul Sharman, Burlington Ward 5 councillor

“Petty Opportunism” – Sharman Slams Rainbow Crosswalk Location

Burlington’s Ward 5 Councillor, Paul Sharman, has slammed Council’s decision to place a rainbow crosswalk at the junction of Fairview Street and Drury Lane, immediately outside Halton Catholic District School Board’s head office.

In a series of tweets between Thursday evening and Saturday, Sharman labelled the decision ‘petty opportunism’ and ‘completely disrespectful of a highly regarded institution.

“Worse Than Their Worst Nightmares”: Adrian Gordon Helping Sherpas Left High and Dry By COVID-19

COVID-19 reached the Nepali Himalayas late, but the effects reached it early, and will likely continue for years after the rest of us have returned to something we can call ‘normal’.

Halton resident Adrian Gordon is working to help the people who have helped him over five decades as they face the nightmare of COVID-19 variants and incomes that have disappeared.

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