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Sabrina Nanji And the Milton By-Election

Sabrina Nanji of the QPObserver joins us on this episode as we get into the weeds with the Milton By-Election. When Parm Gill announced that he was stepping down from the Ontario PC’s to run for Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives, it of course opened up a By-Election to replace him as Milton’s MPP. Normally, By-Elections are sleepy affairs with little fanfare, however, this one has an undercurrent of importance to it. To start, the Ontario PC’s need to show that they are still relevant in the 905, and to do so they have scooped former Ontario Liberal supporter as well as

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Latest Podcasts and Articles

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Sabrina Nanji And the Milton By-Election

Sabrina Nanji of the QPObserver joins us on this episode as we get into the weeds with the Milton By-Election.

Cameron Kroetsch vs. the Hamilton Police Board

Hamilton Police have been having a pretty bad start to 2024. Last month, the Hamilton Police Board made headlines when

What Happened to the Hamilton Jewish Film Festival?

Last month, we released an episode on the rise of anti-semitism in the 905. We released it and thought it

Mayor Liz Roy Asks Where’s Whitby’s Hospital?

For years, the Doug Ford government has promised Whitby a new hospital. As the region continues to grow it is

Scott Radley on Hamilton’s Looming Gridlock

A few weeks ago, Hamilton City Council voted to redesign its major street running into its downtown core. The new

Paolo De Buono on Catholic Education in Ontario

Coming off our previous episode, we wanted to examine the state of Catholic education in Ontario. Sparked by the recent

905 Round Up – York Catholic Sex Ed and Higher Education Woes

A few things in the world of public education cropped up on our radar this week. In the York Catholic

How to Fix Political Culture in Ontario?

The Doug Ford government is looking to protect political staffers in Ontario’s city halls. As reported by The Spec on

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