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905 Round-up: Two steps forward, one step back?

In our Thursday 905 Round-up this week we have three stories that have dominated new cycles in different parts of the 905, in some cases for almost a decade. Two will be viewed as positive steps, and one seems entirely negative. Judge for yourselves.

Sarbjit Kaur

Sarbjit Kaur Joins The 905er to Explain How our Institutions Need to do Better on Racism

The combined tragedies of the discovery of 215 unmarked children’s graves in Kamloops, followed by the horrific act of Islamophobia resulting in the murder of a family in London, has shaken this country.

We invited Sarbit Kaur on to discuss the need for our political leaders and the media to do better on this topic.

Panoramic_view_of_Hamilton_Ontario Creative Commons via Wikipedia

Graham Crawford and iElect Hamilton Part 2 – Positively Main Street (and King Street)

In part two of our interview with Graham Crawford of we look at all Hamilton has to offer as one of the most naturally fortunate cities in Canada, and consider what a city might look like that escaped the rut of unambitious and parochial leadership.

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Halton Catholic Board May Have Violated Human Rights

The Halton Catholic District School Board is facing some serious repercussions from it’s decision not to fly the pride flag this June. On June 1st the Ontario Human Rights Commission sent a letter to the board, addressed to Chair Patrick Murphy as well as Education Director Pat Daly. In the letter the Commission took specific issue with the debate and ultimate refusal of the Board to fly the flag at its schools. While praising the Halton Catholic Board for taking action to promote safe spaces within schools, and to implement LGBTQ2S+ awareness for it’s staff, it stated “Nonetheless, the OHRC

Pork Barrell cartoon (piublic domain)

Bargain-priced corruption? How donation limits & public apathy have inflated corporate influence.

What might cost thousands or even millions in the US costs at most a couple of hundred bucks here in Canada.

Donor limits don’t take the impression of ‘cash for influence’ out of politics, they just make it much cheaper.

So how can we fund parties in a way that makes political finances above suspicion?

Image of Andrea Grebenc

Grebenc Joins, Kearns leaves, Burlington’s Provincial Liberal Race

HDSB Chair Andrea Grebenc has announced she is seeking nomination of the Burlington Provincial Liberals to stand as candidate at the 2022 provincial election.

Lisa Kearns, who entered the race last month, alongside Mariam Manaa has unexpectedly withdrawn in favour of Grebenc.

A small PRIDE flag taped to the HCDSB sign

Is there a rebellion brewing in the HCDSB?

In the aftermath of the Halton Catholic School Board’s decision to not raise the PRIDE flag at it’s schools in June, there appears to be a growing rebellion against the decision. In the 24 hours after the decision to not fly the flag came down, a number of Halton Catholic teachers, schools and agencies have taken to Twitter to post messages of reaffirmation that the LGBTQ+ community is welcomed. More and more schools and teachers appear to be adding posts as the days go on.

Burlington’s Party Nomination Races Heat Up as Kearns, Manaa seeks Liberal Pick

Rumours about who will run in the 2022 provincial election in Burlington have begun to heat up as at least three people have announced their intention to seek the nomination to run against Progressive Conservative incumbent Jane McKenna. Who is eventually chosen to be candidate will be decided by local riding association members, and the Liberals appear headed for a contested nomination where multiple candidates face off in a contest for member support.

The Halton Catholic School Board Office

All Eyes are on the Halton Catholic School Board

In anticipation of tonight’s special board meeting of the Halton Catholic District School Board, parents in favour of the motion to raise the PRIDE flag at it’s schools have mobilized support on social media. The Halton Catholic Board postponed the decision from last week’s agenda, when Trustees failed to vote to extend the meeting to permit a vote on the motion. The board has scheduled a special meeting to be held tonight to discuss the motion and vote on it. The motion as put forward by Trustee Brenda Agnew, after initially being proposed by HCDSB student Nicole Hotchkiss, would see

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