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How to Fix Political Culture in Ontario?

The Doug Ford government is looking to protect political staffers in Ontario’s city halls. As reported by The Spec on February 21, 2024, Minister of Municipal Affairs Paul Calandra will be tabling legislation that would see Mayors and Councillors thrown out of office for workplace harassment. Ontario Liberal MPP Stephen Blais had similar legislation defeated by the Ford Government, at the time Min Calandra cited that the voter should be the one with the final say to remove an elected official from office. So what brought about this 180-degree reversal? Activists for better workplace protections in political settings have put

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How to Fix Political Culture in Ontario?

The Doug Ford government is looking to protect political staffers in Ontario’s city halls. As reported by The Spec on

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In the last few months of 2023, while we were all preparing for Christmas and New Year, Doug Ford was

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In October, Hamas launched an attack on Israel that killed 1,300 people and kidnapped 250 hostages. Israel launched a retaliatory

Life with Peel Region: Doug Ford Goes Back On His Word for Mississauga

Happy New Year 2024! After a welcomed break we are back and ready to dive into what awaits us in

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