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“I have been a loyal listener since the launch earlier this year. Every episode is current, interesting and insightful. You deliver a much needed focus on the 905 even as traditional media backs away.” (Apple Podcasts Review)
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“An absolutely fantastic podcast ... bringing attention to the issues and concerns that affect this region .... Definitely worth subscribing to if you’re a resident of the 905.” (Apple Podcasts Review)

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Recent Episodes

Three photos in one depicting Queens Park, Hamilton and Brampton City Hall

The 905 Round-Up: The Proof is in the Polling

Here is The 905 Round-Up! Coming off our episodes on the Green Party, NDP and Ontario Liberal Party platforms, we get a chance to dive into some polling data!  Abacus Data issued a poll on Monday, May 16th, which seemed to back up a lot of what Roland and Joel

Other News & Opinion

We're not just a podcast ...
By Canadian Film Centre from Toronto, Canada - The 2019 CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser, CC BY 2.0,

Lies, Damn Lies, and Election News

The election season stories are underway – in this case study we look out how the NDP managed to grab a bunch of column inches smearing Lisa MacLeod for not doing anything out of line at all, and Ontario’s media just … went along with it.

(Updated) Evidence Supports Claim Burlington City Hall More Secretive Than in 2018

Can it be demonstrated unambiguously that Burlington is holding more closed session meetings that it did previously, and releasing less information about them? We look at the evidence.

3 councilors

Stolte to Face Losing 5 Days’ Pay for Stating “Final Cost over $50 million” for Bateman Purchase

We look at the four complaints levelled against Burlington’s Shawna Stolte (two upheld by the Integrity Commissioner) and ask why two of Stolte’s colleagues would have used such extreme measures to resolve a matter with a colleague, and look at the wider context of the Integrity Commissioner’s role in Ontario.

Shawna Stolte

“Information inappropriately withheld from the public” – Shawna Stolte Hits Back at Colleagues, Integrity Commissioner Report

Burlington’s Ward Four Councillor Shawna Stolte has today delivered a scathing response to the actions of two of her colleagues, Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith and Ward 3 Councillor Rory Nisan, who made a secret complaint against her to Burlington’s Integrity Commissioner earlier this year. The report was published—or made available to Burlington City Hall—last Friday, but the was not forwarded to media until Councillor Stolte herself forwarded it today.

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