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“I have been a loyal listener since the launch earlier this year. Every episode is current, interesting and insightful. You deliver a much needed focus on the 905 even as traditional media backs away.” (Apple Podcasts Review)
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“An absolutely fantastic podcast ... bringing attention to the issues and concerns that affect this region .... Definitely worth subscribing to if you’re a resident of the 905.” (Apple Podcasts Review)

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Recent Episodes

Lisa Kearns Discusses Why 905 Cities Need a Better Deal

Today’s episode goes to the heart of the planning and development debate in the 905.

The new council elected in Burlington in 2018 has undoubtedly achieved significant change to Burlington’s downtown planning framework, and extracted major concessions from the province–at least, it has on paper.

Not so fast …

Today we speak to Burlington’s Councillor for downtown Lisa Kearns, about the catch in the deal with the province, and the wider need for reform of how municipalities control planning.

Detail of a panaramic view of Hamilton CC by attribution Saforest via Wikipedia

The 905 Round-Up: A Grassroots Victory & First Nations Solidarity

This week saw a major victory for the grassroots organizers to protect the remaining rural area of Hamilton from development.  Hamilton City Council voted not to expand it’s Urban Boundary.  This came after a sustained grassroots pressure from groups such as Stop Sprawl Ham ONT organized and campaigned to stop the expansion. 

hen after the break, Joel and Roland look at how the Six Nations Land Defenders of 1492 Landback Lane are showing solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en peoples in downtown Hamilton. 

Minister Karina Gould

Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development: Will the Province Blink First on Childcare?

We asked the Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould to come on the podcast to explain exactly what is the proposed childcare offer is for Ontario, and what the hold-up is to get a deal in place.

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Other News & Opinion

We're not just a podcast ...
Rocco Rossi, President & CEO of Ontario Chambers of Commerce

Living Wages Are Good For Ontario’s Businesses And Taxpayers

(First published January 2019) The Ontario Chamber of Commerce likes to claim all businesses oppose better wages. It’s not true.

Time to Change the Script on Vaccines

Our co-host Joel MacLeod, had an opinion piece published in The Spec this morning. A link to it is here.

Andrew Drummond to be Burlington’s NDP Candidate for 2022

The Burlington NDP riding association has announced it will be selecting Andrew Drummond as its candidate to face-off against PC incumbent Jane McKenna and Liberal Mariam Manaa at the 2022 election.

Emily Brown CPC

Conservative Candidate’s Silence Leaves Vaccine Question Unanswered

At a pandemic election, vaccination status is a crucial question that tells us a lot about a candidate’s beliefs. Yet Emily Brown in Burlington and other CPC candidates appear not to want to admit whether they are vaccinated or not.

Ryerson Public School

So you want to defend Ryerson?

If you care more about the name of a school than the bodies of thousands … and yes it is thousands … of children who died alone, separated from their loved ones, their way of life, their language, malnourished, abused, alone and confused, then I truly despair.

Election volunteer

Fed up with politics? Volunteer.

There is no party like a victory party that actually happens after a victory. Especially if the previous one was in the 1940s.

But hardly any Canadians take an active role in local party politics beyond voting. Doing so leaves parties exposed to special interest groups, wealthy donors and the small number of unrepresentative people who come forward to pick leaders and choose party direction. Is it any wonder we don’t feel they reflect our priorities?

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