The 905er is a news, politics and discussion podcast for the GTHA region focusing on the region outside central Toronto where 4 million people live, but where news coverage and discussion hardly exists. We aim to provide a lively weekly podcast featuring interviews with people in the news, round-table discussions, analysis and more.

The hosts and founders of The 905er are Roland Tanner and Joel MacLeod.

Roland and Joel have long experience as activists, volunteers for local and provincial causes and have both run (<cough>unsuccessfully</cough>) for political office, an experience which made them the well-rounded figures they are today. They have also volunteered or worked for other candidates, sometimes with greater success.

Whatever their background, they are now strongly committed to independent analysis and discussion of municipal and provincial matters as they affect our region, albeit firmly within a progressive context. They are also both firmly of the opinion that the way politics is done at every level is in need of significant change.

In the weeks and months ahead we will be expanding our roster of contributors and panellists to provide you with experience, commentary and insight from across the 905.