An archive of news and opinion pieces about the 905 region.

  • Why There Is No Episode This Canada Day
    Please see above for our reasons why we decided not to the post an episode this Canada Day. We invite you to read up on the Truth and Reconciliation report here to learn about the recommendations put forward by the commission here: For more information on Reconciliation please visit: If you seek counselling in relation to your experiences with the residential school system, we suggest you reach out to the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line. They can be reached at: 1-866-925-4419Continue Reading
  • Mariam Manaa Chosen as Burlington’s Ontario Liberal Candidate
    The members of Burlington’s Ontario Liberal riding association selected Mariam Manaa to be their candidate for the 2022 election last night. The contest was between Manaa and Andrea Grebenc, Chair of the Halton District School Board, and the result may be considered an upset with the little-known Manaa emerging the winner against an opponent with an established local profile who had won two previous elections.Continue Reading
  • Mayor’s Spending, ‘Performative’ Actions Criticized by Kearns, Stolte, Sharman
    Three of Burlington’s seven member council have issued a strongly worded rebuttal that appears to be a response to a message sent at 6:40am this morning by Mayor Marianne Meed Ward via her Twitter account. The tweet tacitly stated that three unnamed councillors, who could be deduced to be Councillors Lisa Kearns (Ward 2), Shawn Stolte (Ward 4) and Paul Sharman (Ward 5), had voted against additional Rainbow Crosswalks in Burlington.Continue Reading
  • We’re not Erasing History; We’re Learning It
    Statues are not history, and few things are more boring to historians than statutes of Victorian worthies … right until the moment they are pulled down. Among the hysteria about “cancelling Canada’s history”, millions are learning important facts about Canada’s past. So is it history the statue-defenders want to protect? Or a mythological past that hides the brutal truths?Continue Reading
  • Bargain-priced corruption? How donation limits & public apathy have inflated corporate influence.
    What might cost thousands or even millions in the US costs at most a couple of hundred bucks here in Canada. Donor limits don’t take the impression of ‘cash for influence’ out of politics, they just make it much cheaper. So how can we fund parties in a way that makes political finances above suspicion? Continue Reading
  • Paradise Lost?
    Thursday’s episode covers three 905 stories: the latest changes of direction on our schools and an education minister with egg on his face; $5 million for Burlington City Hall’s front yard; a new stinky mess in Cootes Paradise. Continue Reading
  • Everything you know about Ontario party funding is wrong
    The first part of a series of articles on political finances in Ontario. Political parties in Ontario, and across Canada, depend on public subsidies as much as public donations to survive. Shouldn’t they be able to support themselves? The answer is that the subsidies are the least of our problems with how parties raise money.Continue Reading
  • In case you missed it – the Webinar on Highway 413
    As we mentioned previously on here, we participated in the Community Climate Council’s webinar on Highway 413. Our part begins at 45:07 mark.Continue Reading
  • Rare City ‘Win’ as Reserve Properties Withdraws LPAT Appeal on 409 Brant St
    Reserve Properties Ltd has withdrawn its appeal of the City of Burlington’s decision on 409 Brant St. The planned development of a twenty-four storey highrise at the corner of Brant and James St, opposite City Hall acted as a lightening-rod during the 2018 municipal election.Continue Reading
  • Why we’re here
    Traditionally there have been few avenues by which more than a handful of public figures and ‘news-makers’ in the 905 region, especially Halton, could be heard direct by the people they serve. But do podcasts have the ability to transform how we hear from public figures for the better?Continue Reading