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3 councilors

We look at the four complaints levelled against Burlington’s Shawna Stolte (two upheld by the Integrity Commissioner) and ask why two of Stolte’s colleagues would have used such extreme measures to resolve a matter with a colleague, and look at the wider context of the Integrity Commissioner’s role in Ontario.Continue Reading

Shawna Stolte

Burlington’s Ward Four Councillor Shawna Stolte has today delivered a scathing response to the actions of two of her colleagues, Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith and Ward 3 Councillor Rory Nisan, who made a secret complaint against her to Burlington’s Integrity Commissioner earlier this year. The report was published—or made available to Burlington City Hall—last Friday, but the was not forwarded to media until Councillor Stolte herself forwarded it today.Continue Reading

Caryma Sa'd

Last week, a picture shared to social media of a trans woman teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School erupted into an international controversy.

Covering that demonstration was Caryma Sa’d. You are no doubt aware of Caryma’s work on covering the Freedom Convoy. Well today she joins Joel and Roland to share what she saw and why this high school attracted so much attention.Continue Reading

As politics becomes more polarized, the gap between ‘disagreement’ and ‘enmity’ is blurred to the point of invisibility.

But when you use words like ‘corruption’, you had better know what you’re talking about. Words matter. And it also matters that, even if we disapprove of a particular action, even if we wouldn’t do it outselves, we notice the difference between acting legally and without hypocrisy and acting ‘corruptly’.

We look at two examples today …Continue Reading

Does Zeeshan Hamid have what it takes to launch a serious challenge to Gord Krantz in Milton? It’s a battle between a computer scientist and an incumbent mayor who doesn’t have an email address. But it’s an Ontario municipal election, so the guy unreachable by modern technology is obviously the favourite right? Right. But Milton has a real choice to make at this election. Listen up.Continue Reading

Keanin Loomis

In the run up to the municipal election on October 24th we want to give our listeners the opportunity to hear directly from candidates in some of the most hotly contested and important races. We’re kicking off today with an interview with Keanin Loomis. Keanin certainly got out of the gate early, and has been up front with policy ideas since day one. Will that be enough to tip the balance towards him and away from names that may be more familiar?Continue Reading

We are joined by André Côté, Head of the Secure and Responsible Tech Policy program at Toronto Metropolitan University, to discuss what exactly is begind the PC government’s proposal to introduce strong mayor legislation for Toronto and Ottawa. Is it an idea with merit? And even if it is, are these proposal well thought out?Continue Reading

Rents have jumped in the last year. Why, and what are we doing about it? Gary Carr has announced he is running for Regional Chair again, torpedoing Jane McKenna’s hope of an easy election to be regional chair of Halton. Does McKenna have what it takes to be a serious challenge to Carr? We look for evidence. And Peel District School Board has a racism problem, as trustees resist doing what the province has ordered them to do, and abolish streaming.Continue Reading