The 905er is currently completely based on work by volunteers.

There are many costs associated with creating and publishing a podcast, and you can choose to donate to help us continue to provide these episodes and, we hope, provide ever-better content and coverage in new areas. But it is up to you – our content will be freely accessible to all.

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We are delighted to be bringing you a type of coverage we believe is entirely new to the 905 Region. Podcasts allow for in-depth interviews with people who are usually reduced to sound-bites in traditional media. In the 905 Region it is unusual for the people at the forefront of our news to be asked to sit down to answer questions.

Since we launched a just a few months ago, we have published 30-40 minute interviews with:

  1. The people who run our cities: School Trustees, Councillors and Mayors.
  2. The people trying to change our cities for the better: leading activists for Black Lives Matter, Basic Income, democratic reform, writers, thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators.
  3. The people who are experiencing and writing about what’s happening in our cities: great journalists, people with decades of experience covering the way our City Halls work, people whose lives have been affected by stories in the region – sometimes tragically, and sometimes with positive results.

We’re doing this with a tiny team of people volunteering their time. If you would like to help us support the cost of producing this podcast, and help us improve and expand the quality of what we are able to do, please consider supporting us with a small monthly donation via Patreon. For more details, click on the button:

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This is just the beginning …

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Much more to come … … …!