Some of the industries hit hardest by Covid-19 are those providing some of the more fun things in life – for instance food and drink, entertainment and tourism. As we find out this week, the Niagara Peninsula’s wine industry touches on all three of those categories, with many smaller wineries dependent on tourist ‘cellar door’ purchases to remain profitable. But like so many other areas, businesses are innovating at an incredible rate to meet the challenges they are facing and finding new ways to succeed.

This week we are joined by Andrea Kaiser, chair of the Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake, who tells us about the challenges the industry has faced since March, the new measures they have adopted, and their plans to remain open and welcoming to guests as we head into winter. For people in the 905 region, there are certainly no shortage of ways to buy local and support one of Ontario’s most unique industries.

In other news, Joel and Roland look at the growing trend across the region of golf courses being purchased by developers, as they are rare spaces not covered by Greenbelt legislation. Does there need to be a change in Ontario law to allow protection of what amount to some of our largest urban green spaces? And is the 905 really seeing the spread of US-style anti-mask protests? Why, yes … yes it is.

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