Steve Tanner, Jeff Knoll

It’s understandable at a time when so many are being asked to give up so much – including financial security and the ability to care for loved ones in their time of greatest need – that most Canadians have little patience for people in positions of leadership who feel they are exempt from the rules and standards of behaviour being demanded of us.

Amid the scandal and resignation of Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips and the subsequent resignation or firing of multiple other politicians and prominent public servants, the discovery amid tragic circumstances that Halton Police Chief Steve Tanner was in Florida appeared to be another straightforward case … why should the chief be treated any differently to anybody? And a resignation did follow – but of Rob Burton, chair of the Halton Police Services Board, who had given Tanner his blessing to travel, not the chief.

In today’s episode Joel sits down with Jeff Knoll, new Chair of Halton Police Services Board and longstanding councillor for Oakville’s Ward 5, for a lengthy interview. Councillor Knoll answers the questions the public have been asking about why Chief Tanner still heads Halton Police today.

Roland did not take part in today’s interview as he currently provides database consultancy services to a non-profit organization of which a member of Councillor Knoll’s family is Executive Director. Finally, Roland Tanner and Chief Steve Tanner are not related and have never met.

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