Four party leaders

In our Thursday 905 roundup this week we give our impressions of the early days of the 2021 election and why all the parties seem so far to be struggling to break through the apathy barrier, or find exactly what this election is about. The media landscape is dominated by pointing at the flaws of other parties rather than the qualities of their own platforms. It’s a well-worn path, certainly, but does it have to be this way? Why does it seem like all the mainstream parties are falling over themselves in their attempts to lose?

Joel and Roland give their free advice on what they think the parties should be doing to inject some life into this election. Are they right, or are they talking a lot of nonsense? Decide for yourself by listening and then let us know! The best comments may get shared and discussed on air in future episodes.

This episode was recorded before the release of the Liberal Party platform on September 1st.