Three photos in one depicting Queens Park, Hamilton and Brampton City Hall

Here is The 905 Round-Up!

Coming off our episodes on the Green Party, NDP and Ontario Liberal Party platforms, we get a chance to dive into some polling data!  Abacus Data issued a poll on Monday, May 16th, which seemed to back up a lot of what Roland and Joel have been saying about the performance of the so-called progressive parties in this election.  

Then after the break, we look at a story from The Spec showing that a ban on drinking in public parks by law, hasn’t existed since 2005.  So why were fines issued in 2021?  And more than that, why do we ban drinking in public parks at all?  Isn’t it time to update our Victorian-era Puritanical laws on alcohol?

Lastly, as it turns out Brampton is a very diverse and multicultural city in the 905.  So why doesn’t its city hall bureaucracy match the facts?  No doubt it’s due to the fact that city halls are slow to adapt and change.  And in case you were wondering, yes this is what structural racism looks like.

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