It’s rare that we get to focus on federal politics when talking about the 905 region.  However, we found our chance to with a story by Davide Mastracci over at  His hard work discovered that close to 40% of all MP’s were either landlords or invested in the housing market in some way.  This list included recently crowned Conservative party Leader, Pierre Poilievre.  Who got that crown by claiming he’d take on the gatekeepers holding back housing affordability.  Well it seems that he is one of those gatekeepers.  So isn’t that a little hypocritical?  

Also, is it dangerous for any politician who’s able to make decisions on the affordability of housing to be able to directly create or vote on legislation which can affect the price of housing?  Roland and Joel have differing opinions on that one.

After the break, we ponder what is the hold up on the $10 a day daycare that was promised to Ontarians prior to the election?  Back then, we had on Minister Karina Gould to discuss the federal proposal and offer to fund the daycare program.  At the 11th hour the Doug Ford provincial conservative government signed the deal taking it off the campaign table so to speak.  Except we are now 6 months out from signing that agreement and we still do not have a roll out of the daycare plans.  The federal government is concerned about what seems to be the Ford government’s changes to the way funds would be distributed to providers, and Ontarian families who need the plan are left in the lurch.  What’s going on?

Davide Mastracci’s Article:

Toronto Star Article on Daycare:

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