While searching for stories to cover on this podcast, we often look through social media to keep an eye on what we think is relevant to life in the 905.  In that process, we come across various personalities online.

If you’re on Tiktok and follow anything political, chances are you’ve come across Frank Domenic.  If you’re not entirely familiar with his online content we’ll provide a link to his profile in our show notes for you to get caught up.

Those of you who do follow Frank, you are no doubt familiar with his passion for social equality, justice and fair play.  As well as his equal criticisms of the Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau governments.  Especially as both awkwardly navigate the effects of runaway inflation and the growing inequality in our economy.  Frank caught our eye with his quick and effective criticisms of Doug Ford’s overreach in the Notwithstanding Clause against CUPE workers.  And he continues to target the growing scandal list of the Ford government in their second mandate.

As conservatives in Ontario seemingly enact more and more legislation without consultation of the public or accountability to anyone other than themselves, where does outrage and anger go?  Is there a role for individuals like Frank and to be truthful us, to inform and channel that anger into something productive?

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