Today we are joined by Laura Steiner once again from the Milton Reporter!

The Ontario government is in a race to build 1.5 million new homes by 2031 in the province. In an effort to do so Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark has reached out to the various municipalities to get them to pledge to build a specific number of homes by the provinces deadline. What is surprising to us is the number of municipalities in the 905 who are eagerly agreeing to the provinces demands.

A number of these municipal councils, such as Burlington were elected on a mandate originally to keep development as localized as possible. Others like Hamilton are resistant to being forced to build beyond their urban boundaries. So why are they bending over backwards to accommodate this demand from the province? Especially without any new supports from the province to help with this development push?

Laura joins us as we give an analysis over this new change to the political make up of the 905.

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