Now and again we come across what seems to be a small idea that could have a significant impact.

The Burlington Public Library has one of those ideas. Their Digital Archive was recently launched, putting their collection of historical documents online for the world to see. Now while most would see this as just an added service that the library would offer to its citizens, we see it as something more profound.

When we started this podcast, we knew that the 905 region was changing into something different something more than what it used to be. What that is is yet to be realized, however, if the people who live, work and play in the cities of the 905 are to take charge of that change and steer it in the direction they want it to go, then they need to know where they’ve been. The Burlington Digital Archive can help make that story more accessible to not just Burlingtonians but all of the world.

We invited the Library’s CEO Lita Barrie to share with us the importance of this project what it could mean for Burlington going forward and what lessons can be applied to other cities around the province.

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