This summer and this year has seen tent encampments spring up across not just the 905 but across the entire country.

As housing prices continue to skyrocket and wages remain stagnant, a very real and very immediate economic crisis has emerged. More and more people are being forced out of their rental properties and homes due to them becoming more and more unaffordable. The result has seen a crisis of homelessness on our streets. It is virtually impossible for one to walk through their community and not see those suffering from homelessness in an alcove or a tent in a park.

We wanted to talk about this crisis on the podcast from a different approach however. To that end we devoting the next two episodes on the topic from different perspectives.

This episode is devoted to learning about the homelessness crisis at the grassroots perspective. We invited on Michelle Bilek from the Ontario Association to End Homelessness. Michelle is a grassroots organizer in Peel, devoted to ended homelessness across Canada. She is a former candidate for all levels of government and is a tireless advocate for homeless and affordable housing in Ontario.

She joins us today.

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