Anyone who has looked at the news in the past 6 months knows of the enormous shift in political leanings happening.

Polls from various sources have shown that an enormous shift is coming in the federal government. According to the polls, the overwhelming number of Canadians in the 905 and the country at large want Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party of Canada to form the next government.

However, on the ground, it’s almost impossible to find someone who is eager for this shift in politics. We saw this as a sign of our social media bubble and thought it would be prudent to step outside and find a different perspective.

To that end, we welcomed Kerri Black, an entrepreneur, mother and wife from Hamilton. She is a former political agnostic who has said in recent years she’s drifted right. While we’re not sure that this conversation isn’t going to change anyone’s political leanings, it was a welcomed insight into what apparently the majority of people in the 905 are embracing.

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