When we started this podcast, one of the first episodes we ever did was covering the aftermath of the basic income pilot project here in Ontario. One of the first acts the then-newly elected Doug Ford government did was to break their word and cancel the project without warning. In that episode, we interview Jessie Golem, a resident of Hamilton who was one of the recipients of basic income. We spoke with her then about the impact the project had on her life and what the repercussions were of the cancellation.

Recently, Jessie has appeared in the news again with basic income, but this time on the offensive. Last week, it was announced that a class action lawsuit would be filed against the Ontario government for breach of contract over the basic income pilot project. This lawsuit marks another breach of contract that the open-for-business Doug Ford Conservatives have faced since taking office. To learn more about this case and what the repercussions might be we reached out to Jessie and Stephen Moreau the lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the matter.

You can listen to our previous episode with Jessie here:

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