A couple of stories caught our eye the previous week.

In Newmarket, the town council heard pushback from the community over a proposed 9-story condo project, over concerns that a Tim Horton’s drive-thru down the road could face increased times at the window. In Oakville, the Town Council received a harsh letter from Federal Liberal Housing Minister Sean Fraser threatening to withdraw their Housing Accelerator money due to its refusal to grant higher density in the city around Sheridan College.

Are we facing a pushback against the needs of density and development in our 905 communities? Despite the need for more housing, it seems that fewer and fewer communities are willing to let their neighbourhoods grow and change to accommodate that need. People want housing affordability to come down, but are they willing to see the change in their communities that will result in more affordable pricing? What might happen if NIMBYs win the arguments against change in the 905?

We invited back to the podcast, housing economic expert Mike Moffatt to discuss this new wrinkle in the housing crisis, and what might happen if we don’t solve it.

‘Completely out of character’: Concerns raised about proposed Newmarket 9-storey condo building

Federal minister threatens to pull housing funding after Oakville reneges on promises

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