Cameron Kroetsch and Joey Coleman

This week, for the first time, we shall be releasing two episodes of the 905er podcast, on Tuesday and Thursday. In our ‘two part’ episode, we take a deep dive into Hamilton politics, and explore why Hamilton City Council decided to launch an investigation by its Integrity Commissioner into the actions of a volunteer chair of one of its advisory committees – Cameron Kroetsch. We speak to Cameron to get his side of the story, and ask whether the claims against him have merit, why council would want to appear so heavy-handed with regard to the actions of a volunteer, and what message they are sending to the wider community.

Make sure you also listen to Part 2 on Thursday, where we speak to Joey Coleman, an award-winning independent journalist who covers Hamilton City Hall, about whether what Hamilton council has done is justified or even legal.

Special thanks to our 905er volunteers who are helping us to make these episodes – check out their websites:

Gayle Lawes: research.

Wendy Nicholson: sound engineer and podcast consultant.

The Quadrafonics: dope sounds.