council civility

Cameron Kroetsch and Joey Coleman

In part one of a two-part episode, we explore why Hamilton City Council decided to launch an investigation into the actions of Cameron Kroetsch. We speak to Cameron and ask whether the claims against him have merit, why council took this route, and what message they are sending to the wider community.Continue Reading

In 2019-20 I was invited to volunteer for a committee to look at improving the operation of advisory committees.

Here’s my undoubtedly frustrated delegation from last Thursday (Sept 17th) when the staff report ‘informed by’ our recommendations reached the committee stage.Continue Reading

We’re joined by Hamilton Spectator columnist, National Post auto journalist and onetime city hall volunteer Lorraine Sommerfeld, as we discuss some of the themes from the last few weeks in light of the behaviour we are seeing in Hamilton, and the general problem of how to get citizen voices heard in ways which are respectful and don’t waste anybody’s time.Continue Reading