We are joined today by Dr Alexandra Power, a GP who works extensively with young adults through her practice at York University. Dr Power was one of the people who delegated on Tuesday night to Halton Catholic District School Board in support of a motion to fly the Pride flag over schools in June, along with other measures to show support for LGBTQ+ students in a motion brought by trustee Brenda Agnew.

But on Tuesday night there was no decision. The numerous delegates who attended the meeting spoke and were questioned at length by trustees; over 200 members of the public provided their opinions on the subject by letter or delegation, clearly signalling the importance with which the public views this topic.

And yet, when it came to their moment to make a decision, a majority of trustees voted to adjourn the meeting because it had reached 10pm. They could have extended the meeting. They could have made a decision. No explanation was given. No apology was made to the many people who had given up their time to contribute. The meeting ended, and with it the entire subject was adjourned until the next board meeting—when the process starts again. From scratch.

In this episode we discuss the subtext to why the meeting was adjourned, the messages that are sent—whether intentionally or not—when democratic processes seem designed to belittle those foolish enough to want to contribute to their community, and the inherent problem with a publicly funded education board even considering LGTBQ+ issues – and the experience of LGBTQ+ students – in the third decade of the 21st century.

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