Lisa Kohler, Halton Environental Network

It seemed until the first week of June that Halton Region’s opposition to the proposed Highway 413 was set in stone. And then a routine vote suddenly saw Milton Council reverse its position out of the blue.

This sparked a wider discussion about what needs to happen in the 905 region generally to manage climate change and build for a sustainable post COVID-19 economy.

Lisa Kohler Executive Director of Halton Environmental Network ( and Halton Climate Collective ( joined us to speak about the Highway 413 story and much more, including the discussions around the proposed CN Rail Hub, also in Milton, the Halton Region Official Plan Amendments (“ROPA”) discussions taking place right now that will have an important effect on the future of the Halton’s growing communities, where growth will be focused, and whether the region accepts continued levels of sprawl, or insists on keeping new housing within existing urban boundaries.

You can find out more about ROPA and contribute to the discussions taking place right now on the Halton Region website.

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