Sarbjit Kaur

The combined tragedies of the discovery of 215 unmarked children’s graves in Kamloops, followed by the horrific act of Islamophobia resulting in the murder of a family in London, has shaken this country.  Canada can no longer hide behind the polite veneer of multiculturalism and ignore the realities of life in this country for millions.  Hate exists in this country.  It takes on the form of Islamophobia, Homophobia, Antisemitism and any other form of racism you can think of.  When individual men act out on their racism, the country falls into a predictable cycle of shock and shame.  Politicians at every level, and the mainstream media all cry anger and shock at how no one could have predicted these acts of barbarism.

Except it shouldn’t be a surprise any more.  This isn’t the first time this country has dealt with racist acts resulting in murder.  So why isn’t action taken?  Where is the political leadership, and the public discussion for justice and prevention?  Why don’t our institutions work to make racism a thing of the past?

These are the questions we posed to our guest today.  Sarbjit Kaur is the founder of KPW Comms, as well as outspoken advocate for diversity and equality in Canadian society.  She is a former Queen’s Park staffer and has been vocal on social media with her criticism of the response to the murders in London.  We invited her on to discuss the need for our political leaders and the media to do better on this topic.

Show notes:

Jeff Bennett (Former PC Candidate in London, ON) Facebook Post:

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