Mike Moffatt

Where Ontarians are moving is moving. Mike Moffat joins us to explore how, as the seemingly never-ending upward spiral of housing costs in the GTHA continues, and the population increases rapidly, many Ontarians are looking further afield for housing, with the result that some unexpected areas have become among the fastest-growing cities in the province. For instance, London and Woodstock.

These are places that haven’t necessarily planned for rapid population growth, and don’t necessarily have the jobs and economic growth that would traditionally be expected to attract new residents. So what’s going on? What is driving this unexpected change? What are Ontarians looking for? What effect has Covid had on this trend? What does it say about affordability in the 905 region, and what do we risk if we don’t get to grips as a society with the need for a ready supply of housing for all income groups?

Mike Moffatt is Senior Director, Smart Prosperity and Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School. You can find much more on this subject and others at https://mikepmoffatt.medium.com/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MikePMoffatt.

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