Hamilton (Region)

Alan Kan writes the #munipoli matters newsletter, focusing on the news and politics of municipalities not just here in the 905 but across the country as well.  Today we talk with him and ask him to share his take on what he predicts will be the more interesting municipal elections in the region.Continue Reading

As one Ontario election ends, it appears that immediately we look at the upcoming municipal election in the fall. Rumours abound about Andrea Horwath’s intentions in Hamilton. Larry Di Ianni is being Larry Di Ianni again. In Burlington, what Shawna Stolte asked for – a revised closed session protocol – has been delivered. It wouldn’t have happened without her insistence, so why are her council colleagues pretending it had nothing to do with her?Continue Reading

The NDP made news this week when sitting MPP Kevin Yarde in Brampton was ousted by his own riding association in a nomination meeting for Sandeep Singh. In Brampton North, approximately 150 people were able to over rule the voice of 100,000 people before the provincial election this June. What does it say about our democracy when so few people in a riding association are able to decide the candidates to represent so many people in our places of power? Continue Reading

This week had huge news in Hamilton.  Local area MPP Donna Skelly earned some local headlines, by saying that #Hamilton city council made the wrong call in not expanding its urban boundary earlier this year. And the PC government tabled legislation based on the Housing Task Force report, and this gives a lot of power to developers, restricting municipalities in how they respond to proposals, and puts it all basically on the Ontario Land Tribunal to sort it out.Continue Reading

Rory Nisan, Maureen Wilson

Rory Nisan is city and regional councillor for Ward 3 in Burlington and Halton and Maureen Wilson is councillor for Ward 1 in Hamilton. Both of them join us today to give their perspective on why the municipal votes in Hamilton and Halton to repeal mask mandates were so one-sided, when the public seems far from united on the wisdom of abandoning masks.Continue Reading

Among the unexpected consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, surely one of the better ones is a nationwide rediscovery of the Canadian outdoors. Eleanor McMahon describes the numerous ways in which in the first thirty years since the Trans Canada Trail concept was born, it has come to embody and symbolize something truly important for our heterogenous nation.Continue Reading

Of course, we have to talk about the entitled man-babies/attempt to overthrow a democratic government/convoy or the functionally illiterate in Ottawa, as it has support from the 905. Blurg.

Then on a note of good news, Hamilton has taken positive action towards the homeless issue in its city. Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters (HATS) is hoping to build shelters for the homeless community at the former Sir John A Macdonald School.Continue Reading