Hamilton (Region)

Our first episode of 2022, has our intrepid hosts looking down the barrel of another lockdown and shutting of schools to mark the start of the year. Plus how City Halls hide things in plain sight and Halton Catholtic School Board is having another crack at the Pride flag debate.Continue Reading

Stop Sprawl map

This week saw a major victory for the grassroots organizers to protect the remaining rural area of Hamilton from development.  Hamilton City Council voted not to expand it’s Urban Boundary.  This came after a sustained grassroots pressure from groups such as Stop Sprawl Ham ONT organized and campaigned to stop the expansion. 

hen after the break, Joel and Roland look at how the Six Nations Land Defenders of 1492 Landback Lane are showing solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en peoples in downtown Hamilton.  Continue Reading

Minister Karina Gould

We asked the Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould to come on the podcast to explain exactly what is the proposed childcare offer is for Ontario, and what the hold-up is to get a deal in place.Continue Reading

Stop Sprawl map

We discuss the recent report by the Hamilton Integrity Commissioner on Councillor Terry Whitehead’s conduct.  Spoiler alert…it’s not a favourable one.

And Stop Sprawl HamONT, who we spoke to a few week ago, have released a map showing just how much land there is wiithin Hamilton’s urban boundary.Continue Reading

Douglas Cockell

Doug Cockell is a local author who has written a trilogy of supernatural mysteries, all taking place in the Niagara Escarpment. His novels: Requiem for Thursday, Requiem for Noah and most recently Requiem for Mary Mac are all currently on the Amazon Bestsellers list. Requiem for Thursday was a semi-finalist for the 2020 Booklife Prize Fiction contest.
He joins us today to discuss how the 905 has driven his inspiration for his writing, and what makes it such a potent backdrop for his stories.Continue Reading

Nancy Hurst Stop Sprawl HamOnt

Stop Sprawl Ham ONT is fighting to stop the proposed urban expansion of Hamilton onto farmland and to direct the focus to intensification in the downtown core. One of the founders of this group is Nancy Hurst. Nancy helped to found Stop Sprawl HamONT in January 2020. The campaign has gathered over 5000 supporters and peppered the city with anti-sprawl lawn signs. She joins us to discuss the campaign and how we should be thinking of our cities in the 905.Continue Reading

Round up 21-10-2021

This past weekend, Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca made a bold proclamation.  Declaring that ranked ballots would be returning not just as an option for Ontario municipalities, but will be the way we elect our provincial legislature going forward.

Progressive Conservative Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark is inserting himself into Hamilton’s Boundary Expansion debate.  Why does a Minister need to write Op-Eds in favour of expansion when it is up to the municipality to make that call?Continue Reading

Kristen Archer

Kristin Archer is the creator of the blog ‘I Heart Hamilton’ where she has documented experiences around her hometown since 2011, growing a local social media presence along the way. Kristin is also the host of the weekly show “I Heart Hamilton” on community radio 93.3 CFMU where she further showcases Hamilton with an emphasis on the local arts & culture scenes. Continue Reading