This episode of the 905 Round-Up is short and sweet this week.  Due to Joel feeling under the weather it was decided to keep this episode to the point.  As well, despite Joel’s assertions, the day after recording this episode he tested again and discovered indeed that he contracted COVID.  Reminder folks! Masks work!

The NDP made news this week when sitting MPP Kevin Yarde in Brampton was ousted by his own riding association in a nomination meeting for Sandeep Singh.  In Brampton North, approximately 150 people were able to over rule the voice of 100,000 people before the provincial election this June.  What does it say about our democracy when so few people in a riding association are able to decide the candidates to represent so many people in our places of power? 

Joel and Roland are no stranger to the machinations and mischief that can happen at nomination meetings.  This episode they use their insight to critique something that all parties in Canada are guilty of and ponder how can the system be made more democratic and transparent for all citizens in a democracy?

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