Don’t miss our election night live stream on Thursday. We’ll spice up this election or die trying. Either way, it should be a fun evening for our listeners, and we’re hoping to have some special guests. Join us and drown your sorrows or unexpectedly celebrate the (what colour do you get if you merge Green, Orange and Red?), er, ‘Brown Wave’© of 2020.

But, so far, this is not looking to be an election for the ages, unless something very unexpected happens on Thursday. Doug Ford’s government has spent four years providing clear evidence that it would struggle to organize a fun evening at a brewery, while the sticker-magnate premier failed to make a sticker stick or a licence plate show up in the dark. But there was much worse. Seniors dying of COVID, abandoned by staff and and completely unprotected as the disease spread unhindered. Vacillation and ineptitude over multiple failed attempts to control spread by colour-codes and levels we’ve all now long forgotten. Federal COVID relief funds misappropriated and misused. And right back at the start in 2018, a budding green economy pointlessly destroyed.

And yet it looks very much like Ontarians are about to convey a renewed mandate, while both Andrea Horwath and Steven Del Duca appear to be failing to land a single truly significant blow on Doug Ford during this election.

W, as the the saying goes, TF?

And talking of unbelievable, Councillor Terry Whitehead, Hamilton’s regular entrant in the crowded field of challengers for ‘worst councillor in Ontario’, really went off on one last week, launching an extraordinary attack on the leftist cabal he claims is trying to take over the city. All we can say is that Comrade Danko’s disguise as a middle-of-the-road moderate is pretty darn convincing, and he’s keeping his copy of Das Kapital well hidden underneath a well-crafted disguise of stockbroker chic. And Councillors Wilson and Nann seem more like entirely reasonable and at least lucid voices on council than the shock troops of Hamilton’s leftist fifth column.*

Whitehead’s ranting and raving gives serious concern for his wellbeing, and yet with the way local democracy works in this province, does his bizarre behaviour even actually harm his re-election chances?

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*Yes Roland is trying to show off all the fancy jargon he learned in Russian History 101 back in 1989, what of it?