There is a disturbing trend emerging in Ontario politics from the Doug Ford government.

As Doug Ford pursues his vision of paving over the greenbelt to help out his developer friends, resistance is popping up in unexpected places.  Most recently the Association of Municipalities of Ontario has made public their concerns regarding Bill 23.  Namely that they project a cost of approximately $1 Billion a year to municipalities due to loss of development fees.  As well as the untold projected costs of environmental damages due to the consequences of potentially building on flood plains or watersheds in the Greenbelt.  What is Doug Ford’s response?  It turns out that AMO has been excluded from committee meetings.

This isn’t a unique trend.  The Ford government is moving ahead with plans to curtail the democratic authority of municipalities by allowing votes to pass with only 30% of councillors support.  With the recent use of the Notwithstanding Clause as a negotiation tactic, its clear to us that this government hates the idea of democracy.  The idea that consultation and compromise is important to ensure the democratic process is vibrant and we all have a say in how our government is run.  Instead this government continues to show that it is their way or the highway, consequences be damned.

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