Long time friend of the podcast Laura Steiner returns!

It’s not news per se, that Peel region is a hot bed of car thefts. It’s so common now, that you can find videos of thefts in broad daylight posted on social media. Cars have been reported found in shipping containers in Montreal or Halifax destined for the other side of the world to be resold by organized crime rings. Police have yet to make a dent in the ring, and it appears to be expanding. Laura shares her reporting on Halton Police’s recent discovery of a chop shop in Milton along with the workings of an organized crime ring preying on the affluent cars and neighbourhoods of Milton. The evidence is mounting that this is not the actions of a few young kids looking for kicks each night. Rather a coordinated organized effort to steal cars on a whim and deliver them to overseas markets, all at our expense. The question Laura and Joel ponder, is are Halton and Peel police in over their head trying to tackle an international car theft ring? Where is the OPP or the RCMP on this file?

Then after our break: The Hamilton Centre By-Election continues on. Recent reporting from early voting shows only 5% of eligible voters have cast a ballot in this election. Low turnout isn’t new in a by-election. However, the recent stories of the two progressive candidates, Sarah Jama and Deirdre Pike accusing the other of anti-semitism and racism can’t make for an enticing option for voters seeking an option rather than the Ontario PC party. Is this a case of just typical low voter turnout for a by-election, or is it an example of when you throw mud you only get dirty?

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