Climate change is the biggest threat to our existence. Its effects can be seen all around us. So it’s no surprise to find efforts being made to combat it’s effects.

Its common place these days to find companies engaging in public relations campaigns to showcase their efforts to be more conscious of climate change. Whether that’s in the promotion of a more sustainable product or service, or perhaps trying to highlight a campaign to give back to environmentally friendly causes. However one industry is taking a far more serious approach to the problem. Your insurance provider.

We’ve touched up on this before in previous episodes. The insurance industry in Canada has been crunching the numbers on the effects of climate change on their policies. For years now they have been raising the alarm. They do not like what they see. The costs of climate change are forcing the industry to see an increase in billions of dollars paid out under policies. That’s a billion with a b, and that doesn’t even go into what the uninsured costs can be.

It is clear that climate change is no longer a larger than us concept. It’s real, it’s here and it is already starting to affect us in the 905. So going forward what can be done in this province to help you and us, mitigate the costs of climate change to the most important asset we own, our homes? To answer that question we asked Mark Cripps from the Insurance Bureau of Canada to come on today.

Mark is a communications manager with the Bureau and works to help advocate to government and raise public awareness on the importance of shifting our mindset around climate change and how to prepare ourselves for it’s effects. He has a background in communications and journalism as well, and he joins us today.

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