We welcome back to the podcast President of the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association of Canada, Flavio Volpe.

A while back we had Flavio on, to discuss their still just and idea concept car, Project Arrow. At that time we promised that we’d have him back on once it was completed and unveiled.

Well that time as come. This year Project Arrow was finally revealed to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show and later at the Toronto Auto Show. The potential of this car to reshape the automotive industry in Canada is unprecedented. As the industry shifts towards electric vehicle production, the importance of being able to show case our skills and talents to the world is more important than ever. We are a knowledge based economy so it’s important for us to show off what we know. Project Arrow is hoping to do just that.

When we first talked about Project Arrow we promised our listeners that we would have Flavio back on to discuss in detail what this concept car has in it. So today faithful listener we are doing just that. Flavio Volpe returns to talk with Joel about Project Arrow. They discuss some of the companies that contributed to the project, what the technology that is in it, and how this simple concept car could go on to transform not just the 905 but the country as well.

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