We like to pride ourselves on being open to opposing view points. We concede that sometimes we don’t always get it right

However, we also pride ourselves on offering the chance for those opposing viewpoints to come on and clear the record.

Which is sort of the story on how we invited our guest this week to the podcast.

Last week we listened to another local podcast called What’s the Point, produced by the fine people at the Pointer. They had on to their podcast Stella Ambler, former Conservative MP for Mississauga South to discuss her new non partisan political watchdog organization Municipal Watch.

Municipal Watch is billed as being a grassroots funded, non partisan organization tasked with keeping an eye on how municipal governments function and spend our tax dollars. All seemingly good things and something that no one would have an issue with…right? Well we had questions. We always do when it comes to people saying that they are keeping an eye on government. Usually it ends up being too good to be true. How does the organization decide what is worthy of their time? What makes a scandal in their books? How do they balance the competing interests and needs of the communities that they portend to look after? This is where watchdogs have to trend carefully in our opinion.

To get answers, we thought we’d reach out to Stella Ambler to see if she’d want to come on. If you’re a fan of this podcast you can understand our trepidation, as Conservatives do not tend to come on this podcast…ever. To our delight and surprise, Ms. Ambler agreed to take time from her busy schedule to share her vision and passion for Municipal Watch and to fill in some of the gaps we have on this project. We were thankful to have someone with a different political take on things on to the podcast for a lively discussion on matters and to see where this new organization could fit into the political landscape of not just the 905, but Ontario and Canada as well.

Stella Ambler joins us today.

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