The Ontario Liberal Party for the better part of last year was written off for dead. A humiliating result from the last provincial general election made many in Ontario think that the party would quietly fall into the trash bin of history. With no gains of seats in the legislature, the Ontario Liberal Party does not even have party status at Queen’s Park. It’s former leader Steven Del Duca resigned on election night, and for sometime it was a question of why would anyone want to take on the mantle of leadership? Well all that changed this past weekend. At their Annual General Meeting, new life was seemingly breathed into the once dead Ontario Liberal Party. A major change to their constitution opens the leadership race to one member one vote for all Liberals. Something that opens the doors for new members to enter the party. However most important is that there seems to be a legitimate race brewing for the top job in the Ontario Liberal Party. With three and possibly four high profile names being thrown around as contenders for a leadership race. Could the Ontario Liberal Party return from defeat to become the big red machine once again?

After our break, it appears that Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Government continue to rack up defeats in the courts. The latest loss is their Third Party Advertising legislation which was meant to curb the ability of unions and other grassroots entities from campaigning during an election. Third Party groups such as Working Families Ontario and Ontario Proud were legislated to limit the amount of money they could spend prior to a general election. Working Families Ontario took the government to court and won in the Ontario Court of Appeals, with the Court citing that the legislation infringed section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. What does this mean for Ontario Elections? More importantly, does Doug Ford and his government know how to legislate? This government has not had a lot of wins since taking office and would rather invoke the Notwithstanding Clause than try to build consensus or write proper legislation. What does the future hold?

Lastly, while Doug Ford can’t write legislation apparently he can throw a party. To the tune of $6.5 million. That is the sum the Ontario PC Party took in at their last fundraiser dinner in Toronto. Attended by the who’s who of the elite of Ontario and Toronto’s society. Who says money is not an issue in politics? Clearly it can buy you a seat close to power with a chicken dinner to go with it!

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