Continuing from our previous episode on cycling in the 905, we are taking a trip outside of the region. All the way across the country to Vancouver to speak with Dale Bracewell. Metaphorically of course.

Dale was in attendance at the Ontario Bike Summit in Hamilton that happened earlier this month. He was there to showcase the work he did in Vancouver to transform that city into a more cycling friendly urban environment. We asked him to talk with us about the accomplishment, as well as the difficulties in transforming one of Canada’s major cities into a more cycling friendly one. More importantly we ponder how can a city like Hamilton and other cities in the 905 to make the changes to allow more diverse modes of transportation to function in our cities.

Dale is a former manager of transportation with the City of Vancouver. There he helped to bring about the changes needed to introduce cycling infrastructure to the city. More recently he is the princpal consultant with Mobility Insights. A consulting firm that aims to help Canadian cities become more cycling friendly.

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