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Last week, in Hamilton the Ontario Biking Summit was held. A conference to discuss how we can implement new policies and build infrastructure to create safer biking communities.

This is a topic that comes up frequently in the 905. As we become a more denser and urban community, biking is a more and more viable option to get around. Biking lanes on major roadways, bike paths through our cities, and better infrastructure to support cyclists are often areas of contention and debate. However, does it have to be that way?

Part of the summit was to look internationally to Europe and other cities around the world who are trying to make their places they live more friendly to all modes of travel. Can we incorporate that here in the 905?

To dive into these ideas and questions we invited onto the podcast Eleanor McMahon. Eleanor is no stranger to the podcast. She was on previously to discuss the Trans-Canada Trail. Today she joins us as a founder of Share the Road. A not for profit to bring awareness to cyclists and cycling infrastructure in Canada. She was in attendance at the summit and we asked her to come on today to talk about the importance of cycling infrastructure and how we can make our cities better for all on the road.

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