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We welcome back to the podcast Frank Domenic!

Frank joins Roland and Joel to recap two previous episodes and look at where we stand now on their issues.

Previously we had on Karen Brown, President of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario to discuss violence in Ontario schools against teachers. Frank is a teacher himself and so his insight into the dynamic in the classroom was invaluable. We also talk about how the trend hasn’t decreased but has seemingly become more and more pronounced in our school system. What can be done about it and where are we falling short.

Then we follow up on the story we did with the Ontario Health Coalition Executive Director Natalie Mehra. The Ontario Healthcare Coalition is kicking off a referendum for Ontarians to weigh in on the status of healthcare in Ontario. As the Doug Ford government pursues more and more private options for health care, what are people’s concerns and fears about the direction the province is going. For the first time, Ontarians will have a chance to directly weigh in on how they view their health care options in the province. How did this conversation get to this point, and are we doing the best to provide Ontarians with the best choices for healthcare?

Frank joins us for a lively discussion.

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