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“I Like Movies” is the debut film from Chandler Levack, set in 2003, and telling the story of Lawrence Kweller, a 17 year old boy attending Aldershot School in Burlington who is obsessed with movies and movie-making and who is hired to work in his local video store.

Levack grew up in Burlington and attended the real-life Aldershot School, and so the film has a clear autobiographical side, but Levack chose to make her protagonist male rather than female, something that allows her to explore the world of obsessive young men in a fresh and interesting way. Isiah Lehtinen gives an outstanding performance as the awkward and sometimes infuriating Lawrence, and the movie features a number of other excellent portrayals from his co-stars, most obviously from Romina D’Ugo as Alana, Lawrence’s long-suffering boss at the video store.

If you would like to see I Like Movies, it is released today (June 6th 2023) to on-demand services such as You Tube movies and Amazon Prime for viewing at home. More details can be found online at

We are delighted to welcome Chandler Levack onto the podcast to talk more about “I Like Movies”.

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