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We are welcoming back to the podcast for his third time at the microphone Mike Moffatt.

We’ve been wanting to do this episode for sometime now but had trouble with scheduling. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to make it happen.

As no doubt you are aware both the provincial and federal governments layed out their budgets for the year. Billions upon billions are tabled to be spent. So one would expect that the number one issue for not just 905ers but all Canadians would be a top priority to be addressed.

I am of course talking about housing affordability. Consistently, the issue of house prices and being able to make rent and mortgage payments have been polled as top of mind for Canadians. In the age of inflation we are in, this is understandable. On the surface the federal government is committed to spending approximately $4 billion on housing. And well, the provincial government’s plans are well known to Ontarians, and they are controversial and confusing at the same time. So clearly a path towards housing affordability is there right?

Well not according to Mike Moffatt. He has been critical of both the federal and provincial governments for piecing together ad hoc policies and plans which don’t really seem to address the core problems Canadians are worried about. So what does he think ought to be done? Well, we invited him on again to give us his expertise and insight into this number one issue for Canadians.

Mike is an economist with the Smart Prosperity Institute. His work centres on the housing market and housing affordability. This is his third time on the podcast and we welcome his insight.

Have a listen.

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