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In May, the York Catholic District School Board voted to not fly the Pride flag at it’s properties for Pride Month. Followers of this podcast will know of our coverage of the Halton Catholic School Board’s year long debate over raising the flag at it’s properties and how contentious that proceeding was. The result was a questioning of how accepting are York Catholic schools for their LGBTQ+ students and staff?

Opponents to the Pride flag often cite that the symbol goes against their Catholic beliefs and has no place within a Catholic School’s walls. Which brings up the further argument of, in a multicultural and accepting society such as Canada, why should public tax dollars go to a system which is opposed to acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. The question often asked is why should Ontario continue to fund a Catholic school system at all?

One person who asked that question in an opinion piece on the TV Ontario website was David Moscrop. David has written about politics for numerous publications, hosts two podcasts and authors a Substack, and holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia in Political Science. His opinion piece titled “It’s time to abolish the Catholic school system in Ontario” sparked our interest and we invited him on to discuss the matter in far more detail.

It’s time to abolish the Catholic school system in Ontario – TVO Today

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