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The Ontario government recently announced a new curriculum for teachers to implement this fall concerning literacy. While it is based on updated techniques and science concerning children’s development, it is of course not without controversy. Usually in developing and unrolling curriculum, it is a slow process. Testing to see what works and doesn’t and ensuring that all teachers have the best tools to implement it and ensure success for students across the province.

In Ontario’s rush to implement this new curriculum it appears that one stakeholder has been left out of discussions. Ontario’s teachers. Teachers are pointing out that they have been only given two webinars to learn how to implement an entire new process on teaching students how to read and write. One critic of the unrolling process is Nathaniel Arfin. Nathaniel is a former candidate for Trustee who is an advocate for public education. He is an entrepreneur and BIA board member. He has written an Op-Ed for the website and we invited him on to talk about it.

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