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We are venturing outside the 905 today. In fact outside the province all they across the prairies to the great province of Alberta.

Don’t worry we aren’t changing our address, but in light of the aftermath of the recent Alberta provincial election of Danielle Smith we wanted to look at the effects of it on the 905. This might seem like a stretch for an episode but there is a method to our madness. For sometime, the Alberta government has been encouraging 905 and Toronto residents to move to the province with the promise of bigger houses, bigger yards and a lesser mortgage. And it appeared to be working with more and more Ontarians moving out west. As we often talk about the housing crisis on this podcast we thought it would be prudent to see how the Alberta provincial election of a right wing Premier might encourage or discourage some 905ers from backing up and making the move.

We reached out to Nate Pike, the host of the excellent podcast The Breakdown AB. A similar venture in Alberta, focusing on that provinces politics and issues, much like we do here in Ontario. What happened was a lively and surprising discussion about the similarities between Ontario and Alberta and that despite what you often read in the media, the differences between the west and central Canada aren’t that different to begin with.

The Breakdown is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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