We bring to you a special follow-up episode from our report on the front lines of the 1MillionMarchforChildren.

As our host, Joel MacLeod reported in our last episode at the end of the protest he had the opportunity to speak with a group of teenagers who attended the Halton District School Board who identified on the trans spectrum. At the time, it was peculiar that a protest which was essentially held to protect their issues and concerns, would not include them. At no time during the protest did Joel see a protester reach out to them to converse with them or to hear their concerns. Even though they were only 50 feet away.

Amongst the national rhetoric and politicking on both sides, the voice that seems to be ignored the most in this debate is that of teenagers who identify as transgender. In Joel’s chat with the teenagers, one of them came across as quite passionate and articulate on the nuances and intricacies of the topic. As it’s easy to find advocates for both sides to argue back and forth over what trans teens need in our schools, we thought it would be prudent to just ask them directly. To that end, and with their parent’s permission, we invited on to the podcast Jayden Hill. Jayden is a grade 12 student in the Halton school system and identifies as a trans student. We invited them on to the podcast to allow them to share their unique story and what they want both sides to understand in this national debate about what is actually going on in our school system.

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Nicholas Paul: sound editing.