Sam Oosterhoff MPP

MPP Sam Oosterhoff apparently found the provincial advice to cover his mouth with a piece of paper or cloth overly arduous last year, and was proudly photographed ignoring the rules the rest of us are expected to keep. But this week he has again shown he is willing to advocate government control of a far more intimate part of women’s anatomy. Why won’t the premier get to grips with his unruly backbencher?

Joel and Roland also look at the uneven vaccine rollout, and the missed opportunities to target vulnerable first nations residents in cities like Hamilton, and how the hard-hit Peel Region has been excluded from a trial which would have made the Astra Zeneca vaccine available to hundreds or thousands of Peel residents.

Today’s obscure musical references in the title come courtesy of Jethro Tull and Ben Folds. Requests for explanations of whatever Roland is going on about should be directed to

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