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The Ontario Liberal Party leadership race is finally kicking off.

For the last two election cycles, the Ontario Liberals have failed to attain even official party status in the Legislature. The party has failed to seemingly capture the imagination and the support of the Ontario public. Many are seemingly writing off the party as a shell of it’s former self. No longer a contender in Ontario politics.

For Ontario Liberals though the hope is that this leadership race and rekindle momentum to government. The question for us on the podcast was whether or not that momentum would lead through the 905. In that spirit, Roland and Joel decided to invite on the declared Liberal leadership contenders for a sit down interview to put the questions to them about how they view Ontario’s problems and how would they rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party and tackle solving those issues.

The first contender up is Nate Erskine-Smith. The Federal Liberal MP for Beaches-East York who is making the leap to provincial politics to lead the OLP rebuilding process. Nate is a former lawyer who left the profession for politics and is now seeking the Ontario Liberal Leadership. He joins us today.

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