905 Round-up April 28th 2022

The 905 Round-Up is up and running!

Coming off our coverage of Burlington City Council’s decision to reprimand Councillor Shawna Stolte we look at the very public and lengthy response to the situation from Mayor Marianne Meed Ward. The Mayor pins the situation as a necessary task for the common good and explains the decision by relying on the integrity commissioner’s report.  However, there is a nuance to be explored here.  And the secretive nature of Burlington City Council’s repeated use of in-camera meetings without providing justification or explanation remains unaddressed.  Roland and Joel look at the story and ponder whether the relationship between the council and its citizens has been eroded after this sordid bit of Burlington history.

Then after the break, we examine the rising cases of COVID-19 in Hamilton as well as the province at large.  It seems that people are eager to ignore that a pandemic is still happening.  While lockdowns have grown to be unnecessary in the current wave, there have emerged other problems that are not being addressed.  Namely the fact that worker sick days are not flexible enough to handle the wave of illness we are facing.  A new deal for workers coming out of COVID may be necessary. However, going into this year’s provincial election none of our political parties seem to be wanting to address it.  

We take a look at all of it in this episode.

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