Joel Macleod

Three Women Leaders

Like many subjects we’ve covered over the last six months, we’re only too aware that other people are more informed on the subject of gender equality and an end to violence against women. But there’s an important point. Men too often view ‘women’s issues’ as something that they don’t have to worry about. That’s the reverse of the truth. Only men can fix the appalling levels of violence against women. And men have to be champions of, rather than passive spectators to, the changes needed to break down glass ceilings, and be vocal in challenging outdated male language and attitudesContinue Reading

Every International Women’s Day in the 905, Paddy Torsney organizes and host an IWD Breakfast Event.  The event focuses on the highlights and accomplishments of women of note in the region.  This year marks a significant milestone of 25 years.  We wanted to talk about this accomplishment, and the importance of International Women’s Day for our society.  As well as the impact adding more women to leadership roles can have for our society. Paddy is a long time friend of both Roland and Joel, she is a former Member of Parliament for Burlington, and is currently the Ambassador of theContinue Reading

Roland and Joel

It’s taken almost six months to get here, but Roland and Joel reflect on the journey so far. Its been a winding path, but a lot the help comes down to our Patreon supporters.  Their support has helped us grow this into what it’s become so far.  We are grateful for their support. This podcast has provided us a chance to talk about the forces that are shaping the region, and talk with the people who are influencing what that shape becomes.  We hope to continue this for another 50 episodes and beyond. Thanks to those who help us putContinue Reading

Joel Roland Victorian Houses in Hamilton

Our previous episode gave us a lot to talk about, in terms of the housing and eviction crisis that is looming here in the 905 and the province as a whole.  Joel and Roland sit down to examine a possible solution to the supply and demand problem of housing in the province.   As well, they take a look at development as it currently stands and whether or not it truly meets the needs of our communities.   Thanks to those who help us put this together: Our founding patrons! You can join them at Supporting the 905er with a monthly donation enablesContinue Reading

Empty Ontario Legislature & US Capitol Riots

As 2021 began, a torrent of news came forward that a number of leaders in our communities, from the federal to the provincial and now we’ve learned the municipal levels weren’t following COVID-19 protocols.  Namely that they left the country for personal recreation.  Joel and Roland talk about this abdication of leadership on the part of those who are trying to lead us through this pandemic. Then, Joel and Roland look to the atrocious events on Jan 6th at the US Capitol and wonder can that happen here in Canada. (Spoiler: It can and it’s already here).  They talk aboutContinue Reading

Dr. Amanpreet Brar

As case numbers continue to rise in the 905 region.  Specifically in Peel region, one doctor has highlighted a glaring gap in the province’s COVID-19 communication strategy.  Dr. Amanpreet Brar recently wrote an opinion piece in The Toronto Star highlighting the lack of use of multicultural media in Peel region to help communicate vital COVID-19 information to the communities in the region. It is estimated that close to 60% of the population of Peel region do not consider english as their native language.  These communities rely on multicultural outlets to educate and inform themselves on a variety of topics.  ThereforeContinue Reading

Shannon Gillies

Our listeners have requested this topic of a while, and we thought it’d be a good time to do this episode.  Many future political campaigns are a few years away.  But it takes time and preparation to do a good job.  We talk today about what it takes to be a candidate for political office, and what goes on behind the scenes. Shannon Gillies joins Roland and Joel, to give her insight as a former municipal candidate in Burlington.  All three have had experience either behind the scenes or as a name on a ballot.  Shannon, Joel and Roland provideContinue Reading