COVID-19 reached the Nepali Himalayas late, but the effects reached it early, and will likely continue for years after the rest of us have returned to something we can call ‘normal’.

Halton resident Adrian Gordon is working to help the people who have helped him over five decades as they face the nightmare of COVID-19 variants and incomes that have disappeared.Continue Reading

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Pork Barrell cartoon (piublic domain)

What might cost thousands or even millions in the US costs at most a couple of hundred bucks here in Canada.

Donor limits don’t take the impression of ‘cash for influence’ out of politics, they just make it much cheaper.

So how can we fund parties in a way that makes political finances above suspicion? Continue Reading

You're Wrong About

The first part of a series of articles on political finances in Ontario.

Political parties in Ontario, and across Canada, depend on public subsidies as much as public donations to survive. Shouldn’t they be able to support themselves? The answer is that the subsidies are the least of our problems with how parties raise money.Continue Reading