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Joel and Roland take a look away from the Ontario election beginning and focus on the municipal candidates declaring their candidacy for this falls election.  Why is there such ridiculousness around the public property not being used for campaigning?  It is publicly owned and are we not smart enough to know a campaign when we see it? Continue Reading

Following our interviews with the leaders of the Greens and Ontario Liberals in the last two weeks, we take a look today at the NDP’s platform for the election which gets properly underway on Thursday. The NDP are first out of the gate with their full platform, and we choose the things we think are good and not so good from the NDP’s program for government.Continue Reading

905 Round-up April 28th 2022

Coming off our coverage of the fall of Burlington City Council’s decision to reprimand Councillor Shawna Stolte we look at the very public and lengthy response to the situation from Mayor Marianne Meed-Ward. Then we examine the rising cases of COVID-19 in Hamilton as well as the province at large.  It seems that people are eager to ignore that a pandemic is still happening.  While lockdowns have grown to be unnecessary in the current wave, there have emerged other problems that are not being addressed.Continue Reading

Steven Del Duca

In the second of our interviews with Ontario party leaders, this week we are joined by Steven Del Duca, leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. The extent to which Del Duca can make an impact with Ontario voters over the next few weeks will be crucial in deciding whether the OLP and NDP split the progressive vote, or one of them is able to unite the public behind them enough to prevent a second term for Doug Ford.Continue Reading

We bring you our episode with Mike Schreiner of the Green Party of Ontario.  Mike is the first Green Party MPP elected to the legislature and currently represents the riding of Guelph as of 2018.  He is of course looking to expand his party’s seat count in the legislature and has his eyes on the 905 as a region that would respond well to his party’s policies. Continue Reading

The NDP made news this week when sitting MPP Kevin Yarde in Brampton was ousted by his own riding association in a nomination meeting for Sandeep Singh. In Brampton North, approximately 150 people were able to over rule the voice of 100,000 people before the provincial election this June. What does it say about our democracy when so few people in a riding association are able to decide the candidates to represent so many people in our places of power? Continue Reading

If there is any word other than ’carnage’ to describe what has been happening on Hamilton’s streets in recent months, we’d like to hear it. Death after serious injury after death has been announced, reaching a grim milestone two weeks ago when much-loved conductor Boris Brott, who brought classical music to thousands upon thousands of Canadians, was senselessly killed in an alleged hit and run incident. To talk about this subject and much more, and the resistance of some Hamilton Councillors to consider anything that might inconvenience drivers, we spoke to Alex Bishop.Continue Reading