Patrick Brown


Regular guest Alan Kan joins us again to chat about the latest news from the municipal election trail. And leading the pack for ‘oh, good grief, really?’ moments in this election are the good cities of Brampton and Hamilton.

We look at the latest stories from those two cities, asking whether Patrick Brown’s main challenger is much of an alternative, and whether what some assumed was a ‘slam dunk’ win for Andrea Horwath is being undone by, well, Andrea Horwath.Read More …

As politics becomes more polarized, the gap between ‘disagreement’ and ‘enmity’ is blurred to the point of invisibility.

But when you use words like ‘corruption’, you had better know what you’re talking about. Words matter. And it also matters that, even if we disapprove of a particular action, even if we wouldn’t do it outselves, we notice the difference between acting legally and without hypocrisy and acting ‘corruptly’.

We look at two examples today …Read More …

By Lexicon at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

We have another milestone to celebrate, and two stories that remind us why the news in the 905 Region needs more coverage, because they are issues that you are unlikely too see receiving much coverage in legacy media.

In the dock this week … Hamilton and Brampton duke it out for the ‘most dubious council behaviour’ award.
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