ranked ballots

Round up 21-10-2021

This past weekend, Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca made a bold proclamation.  Declaring that ranked ballots would be returning not just as an option for Ontario municipalities, but will be the way we elect our provincial legislature going forward.

Progressive Conservative Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark is inserting himself into Hamilton’s Boundary Expansion debate.  Why does a Minister need to write Op-Eds in favour of expansion when it is up to the municipality to make that call?Continue Reading

Marianne Meed Ward

With last week’s stunning news that the province intended to take away municipalities right to consider ranked ballots, we reached out to multiple politicians who had been at the forefront of adopting ranked ballots, or, in Burlington’s case, beginning the process of public consultation. Mayor Marianne Meed Ward generously madeContinue Reading

Dave Meslin has been the most prominent voice encouraging the adoption of ranked ballots in municipal elections, something that both Burlington and Mississauga are currently considering. His book “Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up” is an essential look at both the massive systemic problems with how our democracies currently work, and the well established solutions that already exist, if we can only have the courage to adopt them.Continue Reading