Three Women Leaders

Like many subjects we’ve covered over the last six months, we’re only too aware that other people are more informed on the subject of gender equality and an end to violence against women. But there’s an important point. Men too often view ‘women’s issues’ as something that they don’t have to worry about. That’s the reverse of the truth. Only men can fix the appalling levels of violence against women. And men have to be champions of, rather than passive spectators to, the changes needed to break down glass ceilings, and be vocal in challenging outdated male language and attitudesContinue Reading

Every International Women’s Day in the 905, Paddy Torsney organizes and host an IWD Breakfast Event.  The event focuses on the highlights and accomplishments of women of note in the region.  This year marks a significant milestone of 25 years.  We wanted to talk about this accomplishment, and the importance of International Women’s Day for our society.  As well as the impact adding more women to leadership roles can have for our society. Paddy is a long time friend of both Roland and Joel, she is a former Member of Parliament for Burlington, and is currently the Ambassador of theContinue Reading

Roland and Joel

It’s taken almost six months to get here, but Roland and Joel reflect on the journey so far. Its been a winding path, but a lot the help comes down to our Patreon supporters.  Their support has helped us grow this into what it’s become so far.  We are grateful for their support. This podcast has provided us a chance to talk about the forces that are shaping the region, and talk with the people who are influencing what that shape becomes.  We hope to continue this for another 50 episodes and beyond. Thanks to those who help us putContinue Reading